Starling Box: Unbox Restoration

IMG_6391You all know that I love a good subscription box, especially when it’s one that not only has great items in it but also has a great cause behind it. I did a post about the Arise box (which you can read about here), but I have another box to share with you! I want to introduce you to a company that is dedicated to partnering with organizations that employ survivors of human trafficking, and at-risk individuals. Their name is Starling Box, and they make involved with the fight against human trafficking as easy as one, two, three, four.

The first question that you might be asking yourself is why they are called Starling Box? The answer is not only beautiful but also soaked with meaning and a testament to the desire for something deeper in life. They chose the name Starling because they have a dream of seeing a community united, moving together, protecting each other and helping each other learn, grow, fly. A community where everyone is important, everyone is valuable, because we’re all working for the same goal.” That goal is to drive human trafficking closer to the edge of extinction by bringing awareness and creating opportunities for survivors. But this isn’t something they have any interest in doing alone; instead, they look to the skies for inspiration on how to create a community dedicated to restoration.

“Have you ever seen a starling murmuration twisting in the sky? It looks like a huge cloud, but it’s actually a flight of birds. Each individual starling is only around eight inches. But when they fly together, a swirling mass of thousands of birds, they are unstoppable. Swerving in perfect synchronization to avoid predators, they protect their own, share their instincts, guide each other. No matter the size of the murmuration, if only one starling moves, the entire flock moves with it. Every single one matters. So every single one stays alert. The movement of each influences the rest, and the movement of the mass influences each one. They move together, but as individuals. A beautiful, churning mass that is always moving. And always growing.”

The people behind Starling Box believe that no one should be bought for another person’s pleasure, or brought into slavery for the sake of a cute shirt, and they are dedicated to making sure that people become aware of what’s going on behind closed doors, all through a beautiful box on your doorstep. They do this through four steps:


They make sure that every organization that they partner with employs survivors of human trafficking and provide them with fair employment and vocational training. This ensures that those escaping trafficking have the means they need to get out and stay out of the trafficking industry permanently. The staff behind Starling make sure that every product in their boxes come from organizations that are dedicated to equipping and empowering survivors and at-risk individuals.


As with all subscription boxes, you’re bound to fall in love with an item/brand or two. And this box is no exception! I’ve already looked into purchasing several of the items found in the box once I run out of them. By making sure that all of their partners are on mission with them, it allows for them to introduce subscribers to brands that are dedicated to ethical fashion over fast fashion because the industry thrives on the choices that we make. By saying no to fast fashion, we can harness our consumer power and cast our vote for the kind of world that we want to see.”


Starling donates 100% of their profits to non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the fight against human trafficking such as International Justice Mission.


Through this box, they aim to spread awareness about this great injustice. Through a beautifully curated box, they hope that “more people will learn the truth about trafficking and work to uncover this hidden crime.”

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, this box is fantastic, and I love it! This box has terrific items inside, and since they all come from ethically sourced companies I can feel good about what I’m getting, and that’s the definition of happy mail, isn’t it? So if you’re looking for a quarterly subscription box to brighten your seasons, I highly recommend checking these guys out!





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