The Girl Behind The Blog


I’m just a twenty-something Canadian girl who proudly lives in the beautiful foothills of Alberta. I’ve worked with horses for most of my life and feel most at home in the saddle; seeing the world through my horse’s ears.  I also have found solace in my relationship with the Lord, and exploring new worlds through books and movies.


In the pursuit of other passions, I have tried many things but the only one that has resonated with me is writing. There is something so inexplicably beautiful about being able to thread words together to create an idea that makes my heart sing and my spirit happy and hopefully does the same for others as well.

While other people create art and inspiration for others through painting or drawing, I hope to do so through my words (mostly because I’m hopeless at painting). Not only do I love life (even when it gets messy), I’ve also slowly been falling in love with discovering the simple joys that God puts into our lives each day. I aim to let the love of God permeate and saturate every area of my writing, my relationships, and ultimately my life.

IMG_20171231_072619_093I have a fierce desire to spread awareness about human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and I’m actively using my writing (both here and through other outlets) to do so. I strongly believe that everyone should be able to live a life free of slavery and oppression and that no one should ever own another person, no matter the context. And I hope to encourage others to speak up about the issues and injustices that fire them up because the world needs more people to stand up and shine a light in the darkness.

Be fearless in how you choose to live your life.