About the Author


Writer | Equestrian | Abolitionist

I’m a Canadian girl proudly living in the beautiful foothills of Alberta. I’ve worked with horses for most of my life, and feel most at home in the saddle; seeing the world through a horse’s ears.  When I’m not riding or writing, I’m exploring other worlds in the pages of a book.

For a long time I ignored the Lord’s calling in my life to become a writer. It took me a long time to fully accept the not only are my words for myself, but that God was using them to impact the lives of others all around the globe.

I believe in living life wholeheartedly. In embracing the good times and the messy parts, because both are needed to make a life worth living. I’ve also slowly been falling in love with discovering the simple joys that God puts into our lives each day. I aim to let the love of God permeate and saturate every area of my writing, my relationships, and ultimately my life.