Mission Statement

Wholeheartedly seeking the Lord’s heart, championing truth, and cultivating an unapologetically authentic and joy-filled life.

Core Values

God Focused

God is always the centre of everything that I do and write. It’s His love and truth that I’m trying to convey through my words; and my prayer is that He uses my words to touch hearts and bring His sons and daughters back home.

Wildly Authentic

There’s no room or reason to hide who you truly are here. I won’t cover up the messy parts of life or shy away from uncomfortable topics. Life is messy, and so are the words that I write. Come with your mess, your bed head, your scrapes and bruises. Lean into the discomfort and live wholeheartedly as the person God made you to be.

Truth Seeking

I believe in seeking out the Lord’s truth, no matter how painful. I believe in not shying away from the hard parts of life, but rather boldly calling for justice…even if you’re the only voice.