I know that there are a lot of different blogs floating around out there on the internet these days with a lot of different content. I’m not trying to change the world here, all I’m trying to do is spread a little encouragement and help people to view their lives (and the world around them) in a new light.

In a world that is full of negativity, there’s something refreshing about a place where kindness is thrown around like confetti, love is spread as thick as peanut butter, and content is curated in the hopes of uplifting spirits. That is the kind of space I’m trying to create here.


We’re all on a journey and no matter how far we think we’ve come, there’s always more miles to walk. Every post on here comes from a deeply personal place, and I write each piece with the hopes that someone somewhere out there will read it and feel understood. That someone out there will feel a little less alone, because they can see that another person is feeling and experiencing the same things as them.

You won’t find any beating around the bush or tiptoeing around issues here. This is a place for unapologetic voices that stand up for what’s right…no matter how unpopular or uncomfortable it might be. Tough topics will be tackled, conversations will be had in a space of love, and shame will be banished to be replaced with acceptance!

My deepest hope is that whatever you find here will touch your heart and that once you’ve finished reading and closed the page, you’ll feel a little more understood and a little more encouraged. May we all choose to live loved┬áin every area of our lives. Enjoy!