Fight Fearlessly

We all have a voice and we all have our own unique way to speak up.

It can seem scary to speak up against injustice but the fact is that our silence is only protecting our comfort while keeping others trapped in oppression.

Not everyone has to march. Not everyone has to do interviews. Not everyone has to make art. Not everyone has to do what the people around them are doing.

But everyone needs to fight.

Whatever that looks like for you, whether writing, educating, speaking, dancing, and everything in between, you need to raise your voice. You need to use your God-given talents, gifts, and passions to advocate for change. To demand justice.

I encourage you to speak up however you can. I implore you to no longer sit idly by and wait for others to make the first move. We need your voice, we need your gifts, we need your passion, we need you!

That’s why I created this ongoing series speaking up against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. To raise awareness about the injustices happening in our own backyards and to shine a light into the darkness. Will you join me?

Want to write with us?