Arise Box: The Subscription Box with a Mission

Who doesn’t love a subscription box, am I right? The thrill of receiving a box in the mail, taking it inside, and opening it up to discover what kind of goodies are waiting for us underneath that colourful exterior. But with so many boxes to choose from, how do you decide which one to buy? Do you choose based on the content of the box, or the theme, or how often you receive the box? But have you ever stopped to think about where the items inside the box came from, or how you can help impact the world through your subscription? Let me help you out with this one by introducing you to the Arise Box.

IMG_5694The Arise Box is a box of goodness that fights human trafficking that started in 2017. This box and the resulting family of like-minded people have a deep desire to “Inspire dreams, hope, and a strong self-esteem in women around the world; no matter what darkness has tried to harm them. We love seeing dreams come to life with hard work and a little faith. Our hope for a better world spurs us on to ask questions and have conversations about how our decisions impact others’ lives. And while our self-esteem isn’t unwavering, we understand WE ARE WORTHY.”  The amazing people behind Arise are passionate about making a difference in the everyday lives of those they impact. They unabashedly admit that “We love introducing each other to new ethical, sustainable or give-back brands. We’re driven by a desire to bring hope and encouragement to those who’ve been rescued from human trafficking.”

Every time that you receive one of these boxes in the mail, you are also helping to provide care packages to human trafficking survivors. The Arise Box has sent 80 care packages to survivors of trafficking in the USA; as well as providing clean water, employment for the homeless, and essential education for people around the world. What’s more, they partner with safe homes around the USA to send these care packages to survivors who are rescued with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, but nothing to call their own. So they fill their packages with inspiring, practical, and simple luxuries…which are the same things that fill the Arise Box that will land on your doorstep.

arise boxWhat I love about this subscription box is that there is so much thought put into every aspect of it. From the items inside that have a purpose and are ethically sourced, to the hand-drawn postcard that you can use to write a note of encouragement to a survivor. The Arise Box is the most intentional subscription box on the market today, but they don’t jeopardize their mission by selling out to the fast and easy trends of the world. I adore that each object inside the box has a purpose, and isn’t going to be just another knick-knack that’s going to collect dust somewhere. I deeply appreciate how genuine everyone behind Arise is, especially in a world that has made having a cause just another trend.

Whether you enjoy getting a little bit of love in the mail each new season, or you’re just looking for a way to help change the world, the Arise box may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. If you’re still on the fence about checking them out and joining the Arise box family, remember that “If you cheer others on and encourage humble, open conversations as we all figure out how to live ethically” then this might be the place for you. Don’t wait to make an impact on the world and in the lives of survivors, step out and become a world changer.




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