Dear Younger Me…

Hello Lovely Child,

Oh, how cheerful and care-free you are! You laugh when it pleases you and create masterful works of art as the mood strikes you. There is a contagious sparkle within you that others can’t help but get caught up in. There is boundless potential within you that is just waiting to be unleashed, and when you finally take hold of it, oh how the world will shake!


Right now you are blissfully carefree and unaware of what the world holds. Hold onto that delicate innocence for as long as you can. One day the walls will come crashing down, and it will feel like all you can do to hold on while the realities of the world hurtle around you. Don’t let that destroy you. Don’t let the world break you down. Don’t let the lies that society tries to sell you find a home in your heart. Stand strong, stand firm, stand resolute in who you are and who you were created to become.


Ignore the words that girls say to you, the whispers that are sharper than any sword and cut deeper than any blade. I know that it sounds like a tired platitude, but kids are mean and what happens in the hallways and schoolyards doesn’t define who you are. In the long run, none of that matters, all that matters is whether or not you’re proud of who you became during those years. The grades and exams and essays don’t determine your worth; because you are worth so much more than a mark on a test or equations on a page. There is a fire that is starting to burn within your soul, one that will fuel you and drive you in the years to come. There are amazing things that you are going to do, and letting the hastily uttered words of teenagers tear you down will only hinder you from achieving all that is planned for you.

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, an in purity.” – 1 Timothy 4:12

The world is a harsh and unrelenting place at times, but don’t let that destroy your optimism. Cling to your positivity with all your might, because my darling, that is what sets you apart from everyone else. Your view of the world, while some may call it foolish is, in fact, crucial in our society. You see past the rough edges and blemished exterior of people to the beating heart within them, you can effortlessly see the good in others. And while your ability to feel another’s pain may seem like a hindrance at times, it is, in fact, the very thing that makes you-you. Never doubt your ability to help others feel understood and less alone in a world that does everything it can to break people apart.


There is no limit to what you can achieve or the lives that you will touch. Never stop following where your heart leads you, and never cease to reach people where they’re at. This is your greatest gift and one that will bring you into the most amazing circumstances! You are amazing and beautiful inside and out, and while it may feel like you’ll never find your place in this world right now, let me assure you that there is a calling just waiting to break through the walls of your heart. You still have so much time ahead of you to figure life out, don’t worry about that now. Simply enjoy the family you have, the friends you’ve made, and the life that you’ve been given. Live fiercely and never hide who you are from the world!



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