Beautifully Sustainable Skin Care

Have you ever been shopping and felt overwhelmed by all of the choices available to you? It’s trendy these days to be natural, organic, sustainable, and ethical; and it feels like every big name brand is vying for your support by touting these promises, but can all of those brands really deliver on them? Greenwashing (a company saying that they’re sustainable to get customers to purchase their products, when in reality they are far from it) has become pervasive in the market place. It’s hard to know who to trust and who to avoid, especially when it comes to what you put on your body.

Over the past year or so I’ve been making a steady switch in my life towards conscious consumerism. I’ve been slowly working to create a closet that is ethical and functional, a beauty routine that is sustainable and free of toxic chemicals, as well as shifting other areas of my life so that I can be a better steward of what God has given me. I want what I purchase, live in, and come into contact with every day to have a positive impact not only on myself but on the people who created it and those around me. The market place is saturated with products claiming to be ethical and non-toxic, and it can be intimidating trying to sort through and find the genuine article. So I’ve put together the following list of companies that I love because their products are functional and stand up against my own ethical and sustainable standards.


This isn’t your average hair care brand; their mission is to inspire a movement of difference-makers who use beauty to restore hope and fight human trafficking. Founded in 2017 by stylist Lorin Van Zandt and her husband Kyle, MISSIO came out of a desire to help women emerging from human trafficking. They have created a line of stylist-designed and salon-tested hair products that are a way to help educate salons in victim identification, engage stylists in beauty initiatives, and give to non-profit partners. This means that when you buy from MISSIO you’re not only getting high-quality products but you’re also helping to fight human trafficking by partnering with the cosmetic industry.

Why I Love Them: Their products smell great, are functional, and help end human trafficking. What more could you ask for? And their dry shampoo has saved my hair more times than I care to admit…

Freegirl Skin Care

Founded by former model and fitness trainer Jamie Hedman, Freegirl grew out of a personal need to create products that were free from toxic chemicals and greenwashing that is so often found in the beauty industry. Their products are 100% plant-based, chemical free, made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients, and are MADE-SAFE® certified. However, their aim isn’t solely clean beauty products. Freegirl donates a portion of every purchase to The Covering House, a non-profit refuge for children and teens that have experienced human trafficking or exploitation in the U.S.

Why I Love Them: While I’ve never used their products myself I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Also the fact that they donate towards an organization that helps victims of exploitation find hope and healing puts them in my good books. They are the top of my list of products to try once I can justify paying the shipping fees.

Earth Harbor

Created in 2018 by certified health toxicologist and herbalist Ali Perry-Hatch, Earth Habor uses only the highest quality, ethically-sourced ingredients to produce 100% natural, effective, and cruelty free products. This family based company not only creates products that your skin will love, but are responsibly sourced and crafted to ensure that the ethical treatment of their workers and environmental sustainably are at the forefront of their production line.

Why I Love Them: All of their products are made from natural ingredients so not only can you read what you’re going to be putting on your body you can also see the changes in your skin quicker because there are no fillers blocking the way. Plus they feel so amazing on your face, and who doesn’t love maritime themed skin care?

W3ll People

Founded over 13 years ago, W3LL PEOPLE grew out of a love for skin-care, transparency, radical change, and friendship. This brand was created by an elite make-up artist, a cosmetic dermatologist, and an environmental entrepreneur with the goal of approaching the beauty world with simplicity, authenticity, and clean ingredients. Being Environmental Working Group verified ensures that all of their products are non-toxic and sustainable for the planet. W3LL PEOPLE products pack a major punch and allows you to wear less make-up or build up to full coverage without sacrificing your skin to look great.

Why I Love Them: Their products work and they’re not going to break the bank. It can be so disheartening trying to find make-up products that aren’t full of junk but that also won’t cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why I love W3ll People because when you use their products you look amazing and your skin feels amazing. I am in love with their liquid eye liner because I am awful at putting on eye liner (mostly because I’m blind without my glasses on) but this product goes on like a dream and looks amazing every time!

The Lip Bar

Founded in 2012 by Melissa Butler in her kitchen, The Lip Bar has been on a mission to provide everyone with the products they need to shine in their daily lives, while doing away with the idea that you have to live up to a certain standard of beauty. All of their products are vegan and cruelty free, as well as free from unnecessary chemicals. Not only that, but their products are designed to be accessible and useable by everyone no matter your skill set, so that you can focus on living life instead of how you’re looking.

Why I Love Them: Their liquid matte lip stick doesn’t dry out your lips! This is something that is truly hard to find in the clean beauty arena and I will never go back to another brand after trying their matte colours. I also love and admire the fact that their make-up lines are so inclusive and available for every skin tone. Plus they show you what each product looks on different people so you can gauge what it will look like on yourself so there’s no wondering if it’ll look good on you (p.s. it will!)

Honourable Mentions

There are so many products that I love but sadly I can’t put them all in one post otherwise you’d be reading forever. So here are some other companies that I love and highly recommend checking out:

Grace & Stella (They’re Canadian and their hyaluronic acid treatment is amazing)

butter London

Juice Beauty

Wyld Skin Care (Their konjac sponge has saved my face!)

CosMedix (I love their Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask)

I know that switching anything in your routine can be hard, so take your time and do your research. There’s no time line you have to stick within, or end date for when you have to be a better person. It takes small steps every day to be a good steward so don’t feel like you have to do it all at once. I hope that this small list can help you as you look for alternatives and begin the journey to cleaner living.



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