What If…?

We live in a world that thrives off of questions. We’re surrounded by them every moment of every day, and they drive pretty much every one of our actions. Yet in all of those questions that pound us everyday, there is one particular kind that stands out from the rest, and these are the “What if’s”…

What if I don’t get the job?

What if I don’t fit in at school or at work?

What if this outfit makes me look fat?

What if this meeting doesn’t go well?

What if everyone’s judging everything I’m doing?

What if I’m making all the wrong choices?

What if I’m not actually following God’s will for my life?

These are just a few examples of questions that we experience on the daily basis. They bombard us, but worse than that they find the corners in our mind and they sit there. They sit there are worm their way into our thoughts and our actions and our dreams; they don’t just come and go, they come and stay and rearrange the furniture. The “what if’s” make us doubt things that we were previously so confident about and they make us question everything that we do.

Lately the “what if’s” have been plaguing me as I try to apply for my visa to travel to Germany.

What if I fill out the application wrong?

What if I get my visa rejected?

What if I do get the visa but get stuck at the airport in Germany?

What if it all goes terribly wrong?

What if this isn’t what God wanted me to do at all?

They come and they come and they come, and they never bring anything good with them. While some of these are legitimate concerns, they aren’t things that should take control over my life. They shouldn’t reduce me to tears as I try to fill out my visa application. They shouldn’t make me question if I’m following God’s will for my life. They shouldn’t have that much control over me. But the moment that I even entertain the thought of them, I give them just enough room to grab hold and do their damage.

As so many of my friends said when I told them all of these “what if’s” as they were rampaging around in my head, “Breathe. God knows what’s going to happen. He is with you and if He wants you to go you will go. Life is full of new scary stuff, but change is never something bad.” And that’s true; change is never something bad so long as you go into it seeking God’s will and His guidance.

I may not know if I’ll get my visa, or if I’ll get stuck in the airport, or if I’ll be able to go to Germany at all. But the amazing thing is that I don’t really have to. I’ve never been in control of all of this, and I never really will be. God is and always will be in control. He knows the answers to all of those questions, and He has a perfect plan for it all. And I really don’t need to know how it all plays out, I just need to wait and trust, and try to banish those “What if’s” from my brain. I need that space for more important stuff.

So in the coming days as I work at finishing my visa application, and as you go about your day to day things, I hope and pray that we will focus our minds on the God who knows the answers to all of the “what if’s” in our lives instead of being overcome by the desperation that the “what if’s” bring.

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