Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I love how much you love bluegrass and yodelling cowboys.

You have been a calm, consistent presence my whole life. I don’t know who I would be without you. There are so many childhood memories that are a result of spending time with you, from playing baseball in the park to asking you to draw The Nutcracker for me to building a treehouse or hunting for crocuses on Nose Hill Park. Whether feeding birds or going through the Charles M. Russel museum, you’ve always been there. I’m beyond grateful that you have ever been present in my life, and that I have always felt deeply and truly loved by you.

I love how you can spot birds and animals while you’re driving.

You show radical generosity through little acts of service, and while it might feel like they go unnoticed or unappreciated, it’s one of my favourite things about you. From washing my car to bringing home kiwis from work so that we can eat them together, it’s the little moments that make memories. And it’s those little moments that make people feel seen and loved.

I love your comments during shows or movies (most of the time).

You show your love for others by always being there for them. I can’t explain how much it means to me that I know I can phone you with a problem, and you’ll help me figure it out. I’m so proud of the fact that if I have car problems or one of my friends does, I know that I can call you and you’ll come out to take a look at it. You go out of your way to make sure that people feel at home when they come to visit by making a pot of coffee in the morning (even though you’re the only coffee drinker in our family) and setting breakfast out on the table before you head out to work.

I love how worn your Bible is.

My favourite memory growing up was walking out of my room early in the morning to see you sitting at the kitchen table, eating your cereal and reading the Bible before you went to work. Your constant pursuit of the Lord fueled me in the early stages of being a Christian to wake up early and meet with God and has become a rhythm throughout my adult life. You have shown me what a godly man looks like and how he behaves. You have hauled trucks for relief agencies, engaged with the local community, and travelled across the world to help missionaries. Your love for God is not a stagnant one; it is one of purpose and pursuit.

I love that you always point out places that you’ve been while watching movies.

You’ve always been a quiet leader, knowing when to be gentle and when to be firm. There was a particularly hard time in my life when you said, “When people die, they leave a hole in our heart. That hole never disappears, but over time the edges become less sharp, and the pain goes away.” At the time, that felt like a cliché, but those words have stuck with me from that moment until now. It may not always seem like it, but I do listen to what you’re saying because your words are so wise.

I love that I can depend on you.


Thank you for always looking out for the people around you. Whether that’s by filling up gas tanks, cleaning out gutters, teaching me how to drive, or encouraging me to pursue the Lord. I know that there are a lot of great fathers out there and that everyone thinks theirs is the best, but I’m going to stand by my belief that my dad is the best dad in the world. Thank you for your love and compassion. For your willingness to teach and your humility as you learn and grow. Thank you for being the best dad a girl could ever ask for!


Your Daughter

P.S. I almost put a picture of a chicken on here but decided this was a horror movie so that wouldn’t be necessary

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