Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Where do you even begin writing a letter to the most important woman in your life? What words do you use when trying to articulate how much of an impact a single person has had on your life? There have been so many lessons that you’ve taught me, some that you planned and others that you didn’t. You are a living, breathing example of a Godly woman. I can’t count the number of things that I’ve learned from you or describe the impact that you’ve had on my life, but I’ll try because you always said that all you cared about was that I did my best.

I love that you listen to worship music on full blast in the house and sing along to it.

You have shown me that you don’t have to be related to someone to love them like you are. You have taken in so many people as your own without ever skipping a beat or stopping to ask what they have to offer you. You selflessly serve those around you and actively work to make them feel not just cared for but loved and at home.

I love that you raise your hands when you worship and that you’re not afraid to show the Lord what you’re feeling in the moment.

You taught me how to be radically generous towards others, always looking for ways to bless them. You showed me how to love others well, not just through actions but by praying fervently for them. Your servant heart demonstrates how to love others the way that Christ loves us. You have one of the biggest hearts for people, and I am so happy and honoured that you passed that on to me. I am also so thankful that you taught me how to listen to others so that I can love them well just like you.

I love that you can read books faster than anyone else I know and that you incited my love of reading as a child because I wanted to be just like you.

You showed me that it’s okay to feel big emotions, even if they’re about little things, and that you should never be ashamed to cry, laugh, yell, or hug. On that note, you give the best hugs of anyone that I’ve ever met. Somehow you manage to envelop a person and soak them with your love for them, always holding on tight to the very end to make sure that they know how special they are to you.

I love that you still talk with your friends from Bible College and that you’ve shown me what strong female relationships look like (and that you brought those ladies into my life).

Mom, you’ve not only taught me how to become a woman of God but have shown me what that looks like in everyday life. I loved walking out of my room as a child and seeing you sitting on the living room couch reading the Bible or just thinking about the Lord. And you’re always ready to share the Gospel with anyone you meet because you see them the way that Jesus does.

I love that you and your siblings tell stories drenched in memories and laughter at family gatherings, and I hope one day I can too.

You have shown me that you can be both strong and broken at the same time and that neither is better or worse than the other.

I love that you are passionate about antiques and giving new life to lost and forgotten items.

Sure, there are times when I get frustrated with you always checking up on me. But I honestly wouldn’t trade those texts, phone calls, and voice messages for silence because I know that they mean that you love me so deeply, and I know that not everyone gets to have that. I thank God every day that I have a family that loves and supports me.

I love that you love with your whole heart, holding nothing back.

There are no words to express how thankful I am for your support and your prayers. You have been my chauffeur, movie buddy, fellow tv binge watcher, interior designer, cheerleader, sounding board, personal shopper, and constant supporter. Being a mother requires you to be good at everything, and while I know that no one is perfect, you’re the best imperfect mother for me. I would not be who I am without you, in the most literal sense and the highest figurative sense. You have shaped me, stoked the fire within me, pointed me back in the right direction, embraced my mistakes, and celebrated my successes. You are the best mother I could ever ask for, thank you for unapologetically being who you are. I love you so much.


Your Daughter


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