Purpose Jewelry: Wear Freedom, Give Freedom

When it comes to finding that perfect statement piece to complete an outfit, jewellery is one of the best accessories you can choose. As our world is beginning to see the importance of ethical and fair trade fashion, there are brands that are creating a statement of their own and paving the way in creating products that are good for both the consumer and the artisan that created them. One of these brands is Purpose Jewelry.

hex_1800x1800Purpose Jewelry is an organization that was founded in 2007 by Stephanie Pollaro and Wendy Dailey. They believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style to make a difference and that every person deserves to be free, whether they create jewellery or clothes. Purpose® works with women who have been trapped in sex trafficking by providing them with a way to receive holistic care. Over the last 10 years, they have been able to work with hundreds of women from all over the world. The care that they provide for them includes education, health care, and counselling. All of these life skills and opportunities are provided through the non-profit that was founded in conjunction with Purpose Jewelry: International Sanctuary.

International Sanctuary founder Stephanie Pollaro, was driven to do something about human trafficking when she learnt that India has the largest sex trade and market in the world. She was headed over to India to see what could be done to prevent the girls who had escaped trafficking from either returning to it or being killed. Pollaro began working with girls in aftercare homes, teaching them how to make jewellery, and empowering them with skills to rebuild their lives. The jewellery that they made was then sent to the U.S. where it was sold by co-founder Wendy Dailey through what soon became Purpose®. 100% of the proceeds from the jewellery was sent directly back to International Sanctuary, providing the girls with paychecks, medical care, education, and life skills training. As of today, there are several care centres across the globe including Uganda, Mexico, and India.


There are many stories of hope that come out of International Sanctuary. One such story is that of Sana, a 12-year-old girl who was kidnapped in the middle of the night and sold to a brothel owner, where she stayed for four years. After she was rescued she was put into an aftercare home, and eventually was invited into the program at International Sanctuary. Through her time there, she learned how to create earrings and necklaces, that would then be sold through Purpose Jewelry. As the weeks and months progressed, Sana came out of her shell and moved through her fear and PTSD to become a woman full of freedom and hope.

“Sana currently attends school, and is earning an income creating PURPOSE Jewelry as iSanctuary provides her with the life skills, job training, education, medical care, and counseling she needs to truly heal, and move forward. She is working towards her dream of owning her own business, and that dream is finally tangible thanks to all the people around the world supporting iSanctuary and purchasing PURPOSE Jewelry. Together we can build a bright future for survivors, and change the lives of these young women.”

graph-01_7e7e2ec4-d74a-4f7e-8de4-87492b7bcb32All of the pieces that are sold by Purpose Jewelry are beautifully and lovingly created by the young women that have been rescued from human trafficking. From creation to shipping, these women play a crucial role in each step of the process. Every time you purchase a piece from Purpose you not only gain a beautiful statement piece, but you also provide freedom, dignity, and hope for the artisans. Pollaro and Dailey believe that fashion should empower you as well as the person who made it. Through International Sanctuary, they are able to provide these women with a fair wage and teach them employable skills; and through your purchase, you are able to not only wear freedom but provide freedom for others as well.



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