From Friends to Family

I don’t believe that we’re supposed to go through this life alone. We are given family and friends to come along side us and do life with us. They’re there for you during every season of your life, and are some of the greatest blessings that we can receive. Now family is great, they’re with you not matter what and they know you extremely well; but there is something truly beautiful about those friends who come into our lives and become like family members to us.

I grew up with one brother, so I’ve always been a little jealous of all of those girls out there who have sisters. That person that you can share clothes and secrets with, who can braid your hair or do your make-up, and just in general have your back through thick and thin. What I have been incredibly blessed with though is a handful of ladies who have come into my life and become like the sisters that I never had. While they all live in different places (some in Canada, some in the States, and some in Germany) they all have a huge impact on my life and I love them all.

These women have come into my life right when I’ve needed them, and have impacted me in more ways than they probably know. Some of them have been close friends who have gotten even closer, some of them have been bosses or coworkers who have taken a more intimate interest in the workings of my life, and some of them have been people that somehow worked their way into my life right when I needed them. They make me laugh, brighten up my gloomy days, walk with me through the dark days, and always help me see the promise of the brighter days ahead. They are some of the greatest gifts that I’ve ever been given.

Each of them gives me life in different ways, and fills up different parts of my life. They are there in my favorite photos, and the constant in the raging seas that life brings. I don’t know what I would do without them or who I would be if they had never touched my life. I can never say thank you enough to all of them.

So whether you’re living and working with me every day or if you are a nine hour flight away, you are always in my heart and on my mind. These “sisters that I never had” have made my life so rich and so memorable. Thank you to every single one of you.


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