Let’s be Real: Forgetting the Fear of Missing Out

Let’s be Real: Forgetting the Fear of Missing Out

I am a deeply relational person. This means that not only do I have a desire to create and foster meaningful relationships with the people around me, I also have the desire to see other’s relationships grow and flourish. This being said, public enemy number one to people like me (and for most people these [...]

Hello September

Today is the first day of September (okay today is the second day of September but I was going to post this yesterday but got a little distracted). Which means that fall is just 20 days away, or if you live in the dry smokey realm of Alberta where the trees are already turning colour...it [...]

Identity Crisis

Identity can be a funny thing. It changes so quickly and is dependent on so many factors, the biggest of which is people. We base our identity, who we see ourselves as, on how other people perceive us. All too often though the way that other people see us shifts depending on who they are [...]