A Love That’s Louder Than The Rest

In grade three, I learned how to sing the song Silent Night in sign language. I remember standing up in front of my entire elementary school, surrounded by my classmates at our Christmas assembly. As the music came on over the speakers, we straightened our posture, fixed our gazes on the back wall, and rather…

Surviving the Dark Night of the Soul

How often do we say to a friend who is hurting, "What do you need? Comfort food? A sad movie to make you cry? Time alone?" I love the concern that those questions come out of, but what would happen if instead of directing someone to worldly comfort, we turned them towards the author of comfort? Instead of seeking solace in things, why don't we seek the Comforter? There is so much more to life than merely getting by, and there is more comfort available to us than a closet full of new clothes could ever give us.