Choosing to Rebuild

Choosing to Rebuild

Throughout our lives we experience many things... We lose jobs and start new jobs. We start relationships and end relationships. We live somewhere and leave somewhere. We lose love and we find love. We lose our way and find it again. Our lives are a constant ebb and flow of one thing after another, of [...]

Toss the Map

Life is a funny thing. We create all of these grand plans in our hearts and we can see them come to fruition in our minds eye. These images and hopes and dreams are crystal clear; we know what we have to do and how we have to do it to achieve our end goal. [...]


I am being haunted by Why’s, Why this? Why me? Why now? And they chase me down and create a tightness in my chest, Suffocating me. Preventing me from seeing happiness, From being able to bear the sight of it at all.   Why are other people so happy when all I feel is despair? [...]

A Hard Good-Bye

Dear Camp, Wow, where to begin…the impact that you have had on me over the past years cannot be summarized with mere words or in a simple blog post. How does one say good-bye to something that has shaped and changed who they are so deeply? You have been one of the most constant things [...]